S.H.E (UK)


(Secured Healed & Empowered) SHE Project


Beneficiaries: Women

The SHE project was started in 2004 in response to the needs identified by women in the community, especially those that are vulnerable. The project provided the opportunity for women to meet in groups and to work through a whole range of challenging life experiences that may have caused a loss of confidence, depression or personal difficulties.

• The SHE Project is delivered through a network of facilitated self-help groups designed to provide support and empowerment to women.

• SHE specialises in addressing life issues and experiences (including various forms of abuse) that have caused inner brokenness, pain and hurt.

• Emotional, mental and spiritual support is provided based on the principles of Christian care and concerns, and is open to women of all faiths, and no faith.

• SHE Project brings together many years experience of successfully working with women in communities who have been helped to find inner healing, peace and freedom through the knowledge, skills and pastoral insights offered.

• SHE groups enables participants to turn life experiences, whether negative or positive, into valuable learning EXPERIENCES that are empowering and life transforming.

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