Service Development

The following projects that have been delivered by the Centre and offers tremendous scope for further development.

1) Teenage Pregnancy Workshop
Beneficiaries: Pregnant Teenagers at school

This was an 18 months to 2 years project. The Centre, working in partnership with the local Education Welfare Services provided 6-weeks workshops for pregnant teenagers aged 15/16. These workshops were designed to address the practical issues of child-birth, parenting, emotional and the personal and social impact of being a teenage parent. The workshops, which were conducted in a supportive manner, also encouraged participants to finish their schooling.


2) Parenting Workshops

Beneficiaries: Parents, Families in crisis

The Centre provides customised parenting workshops. These workshops have been operating as and when required since 1999. Several local Surestart (Marsh Farm and Battersea) have utilised the service of the Centre for the delivery of several workshops.  Parents who have participated in the Workshop have gone on to do further training, employment or academic courses.

“How to Enjoy Parenting” Workshops


Workshops Background

Parenting is the most important job in the world, but not the easiest.”
Our workshops aim is to support you in this very important job.  They are designed to take into account your different learning styles, educational background and your experiences.
The workshops are delivered using a range of learning approaches including case studies, skills practice, group discussion, personal sharing, and home tasks.
Throughout the workshops the emphasis is on learning and developing practical skills in a relaxed and supportive environment where learning is fun, rewarding and enjoyable.


• Delivered by trained facilitators.
• Based on materials developed by The Family & Relationship Crisis Centre.
• 2 hours durations each workshop.
• An empowerment model to help you help yourself and others.
• You can choose which workshops you want to attend.
• Workshops are available day time or evening depending on demand
• Crèche & Refreshment provided
• Certificate of Achievement Issued


Course Content

Workshops Topics include:

• Understanding Why Children Misbehave—Skills and Strategies for addressing challenging behaviour.
• Importance of encouragement in your child’s development -building your child’s self-esteem.
• Parent-child communication—Listening Skills.
• Power of Parents Words— Building Self-Respect & Confidence.
• Healthy Discipline – setting limits and boundaries.
• Spending quality time together—Making the most of Childhood/Parent relationship.
• Assertiveness
• Stress Management for Parents.
• Confidence Building for Parents.


Benefits of Attending

Some of the benefits include opportunities to:

• Share with others and build confidence in parenting.

• Develop a local friendship and support network.

• Learn new ideas on parenting from others.

• Work through current parenting challenges fine tune, re-affirm or build on existing skills.

• Share and engage in practical problem solving supportive problem solving.

• Take time out for you to laugh and sometimes to cry.

• Be yourself discover your potential as a parent.


3) Consultancy
Beneficiaries: Community Organisations and groups.

Focus of this project which started end of 2002, has been two fold. Firstly, the provision of a consultancy service to SureStart Marsh Farm aimed at successfully securing parental involvement in the design, delivery and management of the SureStart. Secondly a service to Battersea Surestart in assisting in the setting up of a self-help group around raising sons.

4) Training and Development
Beneficiaries: Volunteers, unemployed people

This has been a small-scale project that has carried out 3 training events for volunteer mentors. Future activities will utilise the Empowerment Programme facility linked to the Open College Network to provide accredited learning for individuals, and groups.

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