Future Services

It is envisaged that new services and project will emerge and developed from existing projects as opportunities are recognised and realised through organisational learning and development. Amongst the development of new projects will be the following: –

1) Key Stages 3 to 4 Independent School.

Beneficiaries: Young people aged 11-16

Building on the work and experience of delivering the Achievers project, a feasibility study will be undertaken in the next year (2006), on the development of an independent school.

Key stage 2 Project – Reading Programme

Initial stage will commence with a Reading Programme for Boys aimed at encouraging boys to read. Starting point will be to (start with the boys): –

  • Identify boys interest
  • Acquire books that will challenge them to read around their subject of interest
  • Encourage them to talk about what they have read and to write about it, using evidence from their book to back up their points.
  • Encourage them to use a dictionary to discover the meaning of words that they are not familiar with
  • Encourage them to write using those words.

2) Training and Development

Beneficiaries: Individuals seeking to gain a formal qualification

FRCC will capitalise on being a registered Open College Organisation by providing accredited customise training for individuals, groups and communities. This will be done through the Empowerment Programme offering training from OCN level 1 to 3. One element of the training will be to equip participants with the skills and confidence to access opportunities previously beyond their reach. Links are to be made with the Learning Skills Council for contracts targeting disadvantaged groups.

3) Franchises (Life Skills Coaching)

Beneficiaries: Individuals

Franchises will be opened up in different part of the UK for several of the projects (i.e SHE) that FRCC operates. This will enable other community groups to be able to respond to needs in their respective communities. Exploratory work will commence with contacts in Bedford, and London

Franchises will be established for Life Skills Coaching, Open College Training and the S.H.E project

4) Achievers Academy

Beneficiaries: Young People & Adults

This project will be developed to meet the needs of young people who are being excluded from school. Achievers Academy will offer an alternative curriculum focusing on life and social skills essential to enable the young person to value their experiences and to place their experiences into an academic context. This will done through Open College framework.

Life Academy will also provide learning opportunities for adults to learn a wide range of life and social skills.