Clinical & Pastoral Counselling

What is Clinical & Pastoral Counselling

Clinical and Pastoral Counselling embraces an eclectic   approach in its delivery of counselling skills. For us this means utilising the wisdom of pastoral insights and the   knowledge and skills of counselling in facilitating clients acquiring the skills and competencies to bring about their own transformation and to manage their own lives.

Every client is treated with respect and dignity.

The word “clinical” refers to the counsellor drawing upon psychological and counselling insights and knowledge in order to facilitate the client’s growth and development.

The word “pastoral” refers to working existentially with human brokenness, suffering, pain, inner struggles and spiritual issues using pastoral psychology and counselling knowledge.


Our aims enable you to:

• Identify and to work through the healing of past hurts,
• overcome current personal challenges and setbacks
• and to move forward in your potential to bring about  your vision for personal transformation and growth.

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