Luton Black Boys Can/WISE

The Luton Black Boys Can/WISE project is a specialist mentoring programme exists to raise the aspiration and attainment of children and young people who face disadvantages within education.  Factors such as family breakdown, discrimination and social and economic inequalities, place many of our beneficiaries at risk of underachieving. Their potential to achieve the outcomes as expressed in the Every Child Matters become vastly reduced as a result.  This includes their potential to achieve academically.   Given that educational attainment is a key indicator of life chances our work has been critical in this area.

We have attempted to plug attainment gaps by working closely with educational establishments in supporting children and young people.  Our approach places the needs of children at the core of our work. This means that we not only attempt to work with children and young people but also work with their families, communities as well as their schools. Many of the children and young people we work with have complex needs. Our holistic approach has proven to be effective in empowering children and young people to become successful in their education.

Putting the needs of our beneficiaries at the core of our work has been important. It allows us to pay attention to importance of educational attainment as a key indicator of life chances.  Again, it allows us to be sensitive to the situation that children and young people who are at risk of underachieving are often faced with, such as the  complex issues and family needs that impinge on their  learning.


Luton Black Boys Can/WISE Leaflet