Leadership & Management

The Centre has a visionary leadership team, which has over 12 years history and track record of being innovative and creative. This is evident in the setting up and managing 18 key projects.

The three boards of directors/trustees of the new company/charity were Trustees for the old charitable trust. They will continue to form the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to include the Centre Director, and the Centre Administrator. Their experience of strategic leadership, management, and organisational development provides for organisational stability and confidence.

The setting up of 18 projects over the 12 years is a success story of the team’s determination, hard work, hands on experience and strategic leadership. Collectively, this team provide for the continuation of a successful team that has led the previous organisation from conception, implementation and development over the last 12 years.

Working alongside the leadership team has been an experienced project management staff.

A key feature of structure of the delivery team is a central team comprising of the Centre Director, Centre Finance/Admin Officer, and Office Junior who has provided substantive support to Project Managers and volunteers. This support has been in the form of internal consultancy, advice, support and internal training. This team has been the key driver in moving the Centre forward working through the Project teams.